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We teach the National Rifle Association Basic Pistol course and incorporate Missouri Statutes on the use of deadly force and weapons.  We also discuss the responsibilities that go with carrying a concealed weapon.   This class is suitable for both novices, and experienced shooters.

Missouri law requires qualification with both a revolver and a semi-automatic.  Students may supply their own, as long as the firearm is mechanically sound and safe.   For students that have not yet obtained their own handgun, we have both available.   If you bring your own firearms, we ask that you leave all ammunition in your vehicle, but that you bring the firearm into the classroom so that we may inspect it, as well as potentially use it for demonstration purposes.  Missouri law demands a course of at least eight hours, and our course exceeds that demand.

Course Schedule

All classes are from 8:00am - 6:00pm or so.
3903 South Campbell, Springfield, MO.    March 24th , 29th. April 7th, 19th, 21st. May 5th,12th,31st.     


 Special requests can be addressed.

       Just call.... 417-830-2166 or 417-888-0669 { MAC}



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